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2019 AGM Highlights

LEAP held its AGM on Wednesday, 31 July 2019. We're pleased to announce that our core team has grown, with all previous committee members and our volunteer administrator all remaining on board, plus a new Chairperson. Our team:

  • Llyvonne Barber, Chairperson
  • Phil Stevens, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Jo Beazer, Committee
  • Beth Jones, Committee
  • Harvey Jones, Committee
  • Ian Stark, Committee
  • Anne Van-Brunt, Committe
  • Sharon Stevens, Volunteer administrator

Local Business Directory and LOAVES community currency: Anne and Sharon are continuing to coordinate the Directory and LOAVES projects, respectively, with a little bit of cooperative activity planned in each case (though not too much!)

Ashhurst Community Market: The Committee has some interest in delivering markets this year, especially in October and December, and we are in the process of drafting up a Market Volunteer Coordinator role description complete. We're also checking our list of existing volunteers and what tasks they are each prepared to take on towards delivery of effective markets. We are meeting on 31 August to discuss whether an October market is possible, and we warmly invite anyone else to join us who wants a role in making this happen. There will be a koha to anyone in the Market Volunteer Coordinator role.

Rules etc: We adopted rule changes to simplify society management, and we approved our annual financial report. These can be accessed through the companies office (though it may take a few days to get our rules online).

Thanks for reading, and for your interest in LEAP!

Request a free online business listing!

LEAP volunteers are standing by to update our local business directory. Listings are free to businesses and community groups that are based in Ashhurst and the Pohangina Valley. The online directory will be used as the foundation of a new print directory when resources allow.

If you wish to request a business or community group listing, please fill in this form

If you wish an update to a current listing, please get in touch,

You can search our current online directory at this link.

Invitation to participate in LEAP, market, and other projects

LEAP is a volunteer-led organisation, with a strong team of active volunteers. We would welcome additional volunteers, and we are especially looking for a Market Volunteer Coordinator. We offer a koha to the person who takes on this highly responsible position. If you're interested in getting involved, please introduce yourself to any of our core team: we'd love to welcome you to our next regular board meeting (28 August 2019).

Our past market coordinator, Beth Jones, works at the Ashhurst Community Library; she is remaining on our committee, and she's a good person to speak to if you're interested in helping out with the markets or any other LEAP activities.

(News updated 2 August 2019).